"Within two weeks, my life transformed forever!"

Lyman Montgomery

Bloomington, IN

“Ed, when I called you for a private session on November 7th, I told you that while I had a total of 5 clients from January to the end of August, from September to early November alone, I have 8 clients and 5 more in the pipeline waiting for agreements. It is amazing how they are showing up. Also, the quality is phenomenal, the relationships are great and should bring even more business. It’s a LOT of work, yet I’m not overwhelmed! I couldn’t be more pleased with working with you. Thank you.”

Phil Bristol  

Sacramento, CA

"I gave the speech of my life...and sold over $17,000 in product sales"

"Last year, I had a major setback. It happened the night before a major speaking engagement. My bank had dropped my line of credit without warning or cause. I had been with them for over a decade and worried that my business was in jeopardy. I was so distraught, I did not think I could do the speech. After talking to Ed for only 10 minutes, he taught me how to clear those negative emotions. I gave the speech of my life. I connected so well with the audience, I sold over $17,000 in product sales - an all time record."

Ed Tate

Denver, Colorado

"I don't know what they did, but I know I feel amazing..."

Forbes Riley

Clearwater, FL

"I now OWN my expertise and it only took minutes!"

Jocelyn Jones

Winter Park, FL

"Even after only three hours of sleep last night. I gave the best speech of my career. Not because it was perfect, but because I connected in an amazing way."

"Early on, I feel like there was a veil that was lifted. A veil of confusion or overwhelm or fear. And that was lifted very early, which allowed me to keep moving forward even though I was in my busiest time of the year. And one of the most intense weeks I’ve had, as far as business goes. I don’t usually do that with five new keynotes in three days in three cities. Not just new material: new content, new speech, new Powerpoint, new marketing things. Really jumping out of my comfort zone. And I feel like I was really supported here. Even after only three hours of sleep last night. I gave the best speech of my career. Not because it was perfect, but because I connected in an amazing way."

Diane Sieg, CSP

Denver, Colorado

"I have a true awareness of my role and power, and the ability to focus it as never before."

"Working with Ed to accelerate the vision of my business has been amazing! From the time we started, things accelerated like a Tesla Roadster on a velvet highway. I have a true awareness of my role and power, and the ability to focus it as never before. This has taken my creativity through-the-roof and my true mission is unfolding before my eyes. My revenues are up as I’d expect them to be. But what’s more, I’m having the time of my life! Thanks guys"

M. Gilbert

San Diego, California

"I’m 75% booked for the entire year and it's only February!"

"I thought that all I wanted to do was hang it all up and live at the family farm in Minnesota, but once you got me clear and raised my viewpoint, I realized, Hey, I'm a speaker! The one place in the country that hosts the most corporate events is Las Vegas. Almost every week of the year there are events that would be perfect for my speaking topics. So I gave up on the family farm and moved to Nevada and we love it here. Oh, and one more thing... By the end of February, my business had completely turned around and my entire annual calendar was already 75% booked!"

M. Smith

Las Vegas, Nevada

"This lady was really rude to me, but there was no charge, nothing!"

"This lady was really rude to me. She was throwing all kinds of insults to me. Normally I would be ticked off and I would be throwing stuff back at her, but there was no charge, nothing. I thought, “Wow!” I felt like I was centered. Before, I would have jumped in the game and said, “You’re this, this, and this.” But none of that came to me. I had a smile and amusement and love and light, because she was having a bad day. This has really worked!"

Ev D.

Denver, Colorado

"She SMILES when I enter the room!"

"I took my wife to dinner Monday night. She had a tough day. And since I’ve become more aware and empathetic, I noticed and asked her out. She accepted. At the end of dinner, with little preface or framing, I asked:

Have you noticed anything different about me? Her answer surprised me. She enthusiastically shared a list noticeable changes:“You’re happier” “Less stressed” “Easier to work with/be around”“You’ve been voluntarily taking on a lot of little home improvement projects” “You actually bought flowers for Valentine’s Day” “I was floored.”“I feel better (not apprehensive) when you enter the room.”

Apparently there’s been more to this New Game than sleeping better, having a great vacation and predicting basketball results. Not that there’s anything wrong with those."


Chicago, USA

"I was with a guy 20 years. I can even say now, bless him, let him go on his way. It’s amazing."

"I was with a guy for a good 20 years or I knew him for 20 years and we decided to part ways. I was very hurt over it. I was feeling a lot of hurt when I came to the first meeting. Since then, I just don’t feel any of that emotion, that pull toward him is all gone. It’s amazing. I don’t even feel bad, no emotions. I can even say now, bless him, let him go on his way. It’s amazing."


Littleton, Colorado

"The connecting with people at an even deeper and soul level has been amazing!"

"The calm, the lightness, the focus, the non-reaction to pressure, the creativity and ability to clearly see and do what needs to be done, the connecting with people at an even deeper and soul level has been amazing."


Virginia, USA

"I have so much energy and excitement!"

"I was 2 years from retirement and had 10 projects I couldn’t choose between. They all looked fun. they all could change the world, but once you cleared me and I got clear on who I AM, I chose my project the next day and started assembling a team to make it happen that week! Now I’m a year from retirement and already rocking out and changing the world. I have so much energy and excitement!"


Jacksonville, Florida

" I’m still laughing and that would have never happened before."

"Yesterday I had to miss a team meeting because I was meeting with a client. When I got back, one of my co-workers told me that my boss had said something unflattering about me at the meeting. It wasn’t a really bad thing, but that she said it behind my back at all would usually make my blood boil. Instead I only felt about 20% of what I usually would, and when my co-worker left, I pulled out the Process and cleared the rest and laughed at the whole thing. I’m still laughing and that would have never happened before! Thanks Ed and Liz!”

C. Dreyer

Florida, USA

"After 15 years, I have my friend back!"

"I want to dedicate this to my friend Denise. In 2000 I had lost my little boy and Denise and I were always together with him. When he died, I was traumatized and it was hard to be around her and I would run from her. But when she called me after the work Ed helped me with, I was just so happy to hear her voicemail. I listened to it about 3 or 4 times, then called Ed, “My energy Shifted!” And now I have my friend back."


Westminster, Colorado

"I actually turned down dessert!"

"I had a problem with sugar. I tend to lean more toward sweets. But for the past four or five days, I have not had the urge to have any sweets. I didn’t know this clearing was going on, but I’m so thankful for it. I don’t have any health issues, but I have been wanting to cut back on my sugar intake and this has really helped. I went to dinner with a friend of mine and was offered a treat at the end of the meal and I actually turned it down, which is unusual for me."


Florida, USA

"I had an issue with unpaid taxes...30 minutes later, all anxiety was gone"

"Working with Ed has been life-changing. Even though I thought I knew what I was doing spiritually, he gently steered me toward several concepts that I completely missed, and those made all the difference in my peace and understanding. But there’s more. Recently I had an issue with unexpected unpaid taxes. Ed helped me with Life’s New Game to ground and clarify what was really needed and 30 minutes later, all anxiety was gone. Thank you, Ed for your substantial contribution to the quality of my life."


Colorado Springs, Colorado

About Ed Oakley

Ed Oakley literally co-wrote the book on Enlightened Leadership and has been responsible for developing over 53,000 leaders from 67 countries for organizations of all sizes (including 23 of the Fortune 100) over the last 30 years, and could have retired.

He COULDN’T retire, however, when he was blessed with this transformational work. Now he’s more fired up than ever and can’t wait to help you transform your new game

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