Imagine – In Just 12 Short Weeks, You’ll Be Stepping Into Your Full Potential with all the Confidence That comes with Acting From Who You REALLY ARE!

No more stepping over missed opportunities that were hiding in your blind spots and losing thousands of dollars. No more stressful, late nights on that hamster wheel thinking, “I’ve been successful. I should be able to push thru this slump and be successful again. Why can’t I do it? Why am I still stuck?” No more wondering when you’re going to finally get out there with your passion in a big way & leave a lasting legacy!

Monday, 12:46pm MST

From the Desk of Ed Oakley

Dear Fellow 2nd Career Entrepreneur (Yes, YOU my friend!),


• You’ve achieved a measure of success, but not matter what you do, you can’t seem to push thru to the next level.

• You know removing your blocks is the key to moving forward, but you’ve tried everything, done every affirmation, every system and are still stuck. You’re so frustrated and thinking about throwing in the towel – it really shouldn’t be this difficult.

• When you DO discover what needs to clear, you try to clear it, but it keeps boomeranging back and won’t STAY cleared. (There has to be an easier way, right?)

• Cash Flow keeps you up at night with a seemingly inevitable Boom/Bust cycle giving you nightmares. • Your relationships have taken a back seat to building your business, they had to, and now you want to reconnect again.

• Every time you start to take it to the next level, you end up right back on that plateau or worse, back to square one.

• You’d love to relax with friends at the end of the day, but who has time for friends…and your work day never seems to end.

• You long to be able to make money while also getting great quality time with your loved ones – after all, you are making the world a better place for them.

• You know you’re sitting on a goldmine that can change the world and you’re ready to finally make that impact! (And since you know that eliminating your blocks for all time is the #1 way to do that, you want a step-by-step system so you can clear those blocks, even when they’re hiding in a blind spot, as fast as possible!)

If any of this rings true, then we have a special treat for you. We’d like to invite you to the FIRST and ONLY inner game development designed for conscious entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and heart-centered business owners – “Life’s New Game ‘Success Upgrade’: Stop the Rollercoaster and Step Into your Greatness with all the Confidence and Power That comes with Acting From Who You Truly ARE!”

“We will take you by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through transforming your Inner Game that allows you to step into your true potential and bring your business and gifts to the world without hemorrhaging time and productivity”

You see, we’ve figured it all out AND we’re laying it out for you so you can easily duplicate ours and our clients’ success. Clearing out all the blocks was one of the keys to Ed not only reclaiming his health, but also re-launching his business even stronger to start to impact tens of thousands more leaders. That’s why we’re ready to walk you through the same process that works so successfully for us, over and over again.

But it’s deeper than that. You see, we LOVE more than anything getting change agents off the Rollercoaster and transforming their blocks into strengths.. Why? Because it’s such a FAST and EASY way to get world change. (At least, once you have your blocks out of the way!)

Here’s what one entrepreneur, Liz, used to do. “I used to get up at 4am every morning to do my goal setting, affirmations, meditation, journaling and vision boarding. I’d spend 2-3 hours before my daughter got up, take her to school, work on building my business and then another 1-2 hours on this before bed every night. You see, I knew that my problem was ME and I was going to fix me as fast as possible, but all those old techniques took time, so I put in as much time as I could as fast as I could.

Here’s the thing. Those techniques take a lifetime to clear and balance a single issue and my daughter needed a role model worthy of her greatness (and a roof over her head) now!”

After 27+ years of Enlightened Leadership, we’ve never seen anything transform business owners this fast…

Because after 27 years of Enlightened Leadership, we’d taught powerful tools and techniques to over 53,000 leaders from 67 countries saving their companies hundreds of millions collectively, but we could never touch the ‘inner game’ of some of those leaders and some of them never got it.

All the best tools and techniques wouldn’t work if the leaders’ “come from” was in the wrong place, but we couldn’t do anything about that…until now.

Changing the inner game…that’s where the huge transformation and results are at. We’ve spent well over 10,000 hours researching this and haven’t found anything close to creating this kind of transformation. Why? Because of how many levels Life’s New Game ‘Success Upgrade’ transforms.

First off, we clear out the blocks that have been holding you back, ‘Shadow Blocks’ you couldn’t even find because they were hiding in your blind spots. These are the limiting beliefs and debilitating emotions that you have tried to manage or eliminate, but keep coming back.

That’s what we did. And we started to get our mojo back, but then we looked at those World-Class successes out there and asked, what do they have that we don’t… yet? More night and day research revealed the Blueprint of the Inner Game of successes like Richard Branson, Oprah and the Dalai Lama. And we started raising ourselves and our clients to those levels with amazing results.

“Yes, our clients went from stalled to some enjoying 50% growth that year and the next … and we used that success to create the ‘Success Upgrade’ to help more world changers!”

*** Two years later the ‘Success Upgrade’ has saved 15 year friendships, rekindled marriages and put businesses that were dying back on the map. ***

But you can also use the ‘Success Upgrade’ to help you figure out what you SHOULD be doing. And even more importantly, WHO you need to BE to effect your unique change in the world. So many people think that they should figure out their business and then find themselves. We think that’s BACKWARDS. When you know who you ARE, you come from that beingness and everything rockets forward. Once you know who you are, you’ll come face to face with your blessing and you’ll know EXACTLY what it is you need to do. (And you won’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the WRONG projects before you figure it out.)


"Last year, I had a major setback. It happened the night before a major speaking engagement. My bank had dropped my line of credit without warning or cause. I had been with them for over a decade and worried that my business was in jeopardy. I was so distraught, I did not think I could do the speech. After talking to Ed for only 10 minutes, he taught me how to clear those negative emotions. I gave the speech of my life. I connected so well with the audience, I sold over $17,000 in product sales - an all time record."

Ed Tate

Denver, CO

This is the ONLY system available that upgrades conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, heart-centered business owners Inner Game FOR THEM!

It's designed to help you:

    • Get off the Cash Flow Rollercoaster and back into upwards growth
    • Reconnect, deeply with your loved ones again
    • Massively increase your impact
    • Create results that support you bringing your business and gift to the world

It's designed specifically for conscious business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, leaders, coaches, experts, speakers, authors and service professionals who want to fuel their lasting legacy with their authentic heart and want to draw clients and opportunity in without losing a lot of time. Most development systems out there take hours out of your day that you need to build your business and we want to do the opposite of that.

If you resonate with our Life’s New Game philosophy, then you’ll love leaving the transformation to us while you get out there with your authentic YOU and change the world.

And since we know your time is gold, there's no reason to wade through a long complicated process. We’re all about combining simplicity and systems, which means that we’re going to do the heavy lifting for you - clearing the blocks, installing the empowering, raising your consciousness for you so you transform faster and with less stress than you ever thought possible.

In just 12 short weeks, you're going to walk away with:

    • A finely tuned Inner Game at BreakThru levels that we tune FOR YOU so you can Triple your Productivity, Energy and Influence!
    • Lower Anger so that anger no longer keeps you from communicating and working with people effectively, even when something happens that would have made your blood boil in the past.
    • Higher Caring which gives you a stronger appreciation of everyone around you (hint: You'll find that as they feel appreciated and understood that they'll also respect you more.)
    • A clear connection to your Higher Self, so you can tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self to create sustainable joy and happiness in your life.
    • We’ll eliminate emotional, spiritual and mental money issues that are causing your Cash Flow Rollercoaster and install financial prosperity so you can enjoy growing a business that supports you and your mission (Did you know that the average person has over 7000 money issues, and we're going to take that down to ZERO for you.)
    • A simple process to reprogram negative and self-sabotaging beliefs into positive, life-enhancing beliefs at the Anchor Programming(tm) level.
    • A strong compass for decision-making and prioritizing, with your blocks out of the way, your path forward becomes crystal clear.
    • Unblocked communication so you can find deep connection in your relationships again - imagine if YOUR significant other actually smiled when you walk in the room again!
    • How to reprogram your Anchor Programming(tm) for lasting change, so you not only clear and STAY cleared, but also so all those other systems you've invested in over the years finally kick in to help.
    • Powerful sensory-based tools to clarify your beliefs and goals, so you can clearly see your true Mission and joyfully take the steps needed to bring it to fruition.
    • How to get out of your way and back in ‘the zone’ so you can close more dream clients and transform your cash flow, influence and impact.
    • Powerful sensory-based tools to clarify your beliefs and goals, so you can clearly see your true Mission and joyfully take the steps needed to bring it to fruition.
    • The CONFIDENCE that comes with being Who you ARE and the joy that comes with sharing that with the world!

Best yet, you're going to ‘come from’ your highest power - knowing who you truly are and you will be ready to welcome massive results with open arms!

“We’re so grateful for your help this year and we fully expect to have another 50% growth next year!”

"I don’t know what you are doing, but keep it up! We just had an epic sales month in the last 2 days and there are still 3 weeks left to the month. That’s how we got started in our work with you and we went from completely plateaued to 50% growth this year and we are on track to have another 50% growth next year. We are so grateful for your help these past 6 months!”


Minnesota, USA

"I’m 75% booked for the entire year and it's only February!"

"I thought that all I wanted to do was hang it all up and live at the family farm in Minnesota, but once you got me clear and raised my viewpoint, I realized, Hey, I'm a speaker! The one place in the country that hosts the most corporate events is Las Vegas. Almost every week of the year there are events that would be perfect for my speaking topics. So I gave up on the family farm and moved to Nevada and we love it here. Oh, and one more thing... By the end of February, my business had completely turned around and my entire annual calendar was already 75% booked!"

M. Smith

Las Vegas, Nevada

Let me also share a few things you WON'T get with our Life’s New Game 'Success Upgrade

    • NO lists of affirmations to repeat every day.
    • NO hours of technique trainings you have to master to succeed.
    • NO meditation skills. We don't even know all those complicated meditations that take hours and hours – don’t get us wrong, meditation is great, but you don’t need it with 'Success Upgrade' . We’re going to empower you to be yourself, have fun and profit!
    • NO sneaky, tricky tactics to try to get your subconscious to comply - we’re going to reprogram it directly for you and teach you how to do it too!

Here's just a sampling of what you'll get in our comprehensive 'Success Upgrade' G.A.M.E

Step 1 'G' – Get rid of Your Baggage

"Remove your stumbling blocks for all time and you’ll rocket forward in full power."

We start here because this is where you feel your greatest pain. You know that you are not showing up your best self in the world. You are saying things you don’t want to say and doing things you don’t want to do and you cannot figure out why. It’s your debilitating emotions and limiting beliefs covering up who you really are and you haven’t been able to get rid of them because you have not been removing them from the anchor programming levels that lies beneath even your unconscious.

So we start here and we reprogram out the limiters so you can start acting from who you truly are and came here to be.

We'll reprogram Debilitating EMOTIONS in 10 Areas:

    • Anger - Imagine releasing the anger of the past and feeling the burden of that anger falling away.
    • Love - Imagine embracing love of yourself and others instead of withholding your love out of the pain of the past.
    • Sorrow - What if sorrow no longer held you back so you can enjoy life again?
    • Joy - What if you were no longer afraid to be joyful and could enjoy your time with your loved ones?
    • Worry - How much power would you reclaim if worry and anxiety no longer kept you second guessing every step you take?
    • Enjoyment - Imagine fully enjoying life without wondering when the other shoe is going to drop.
    • Fear - What if you could step out in full power and confidence because fear no longer had power over you?
    • Trust - What if you could trust yourself and your judgement again so you can step confidently into the life you would love to live?
    • Forgiveness - Imagine no longer carrying the weight of old grudges against others and yourself and how you could reengage in life and relationships you thought long gone.
    • Advanced Emotional Skills - What if you no longer ran from conflict, but instead faced it head on and resolved it with clear communication, love and consensus?

We'll reprogram Limiting BELIEFS in 7 Areas, like:

    • Relationship - ‘I am unable to be open and honest in my relationships’ - Imagine being who you really are AND fully accepted in your relationships.
    • Health - ‘There is always something wrong with me’ - Imagine knowing that your body is fully supporting your chosen game.
    • Abundance - ‘Money goes out faster than it comes in’ - How would it feel if you knew that you would always have the resources you need? Would you sleep better at night?
    • Success - ‘Successful people burn out’ - Imagine the more success you have, the more energy you have in a self-sustaining feedback loop.
    • Business - ‘I approach my work with dread’ - Imagine approaching your work with tingling anticipation again.
    • Self-View - ‘I'm not good enough’ - Imagine doing your best and knowing that it is exactly what you need, when you need it.
    • World-View - ‘It's a dog eat dog world’ - Imagine, one day you walk out the door and realize it IS all about you. The world is out to get you – to get you moonlit walks on the beach, to get you a business that impacts the world in a major way, to get you a team and family that support you.

And we’ll clear all that baggage FOR YOU in the background (what you’ll do we’ll show you in a bit)

"I was so angry at my friend, but now I think of her with love..."

"This lady was really rude to me, but there was no charge, nothing!"

"This lady was really rude to me. She was throwing all kinds of insults to me. Normally I would be ticked off and I would be throwing stuff back at her, but there was no charge, nothing. I thought, “Wow!” I felt like I was centered. Before, I would have jumped in the game and said, “You’re this, this, and this.” But none of that came to me. I had a smile and amusement and love and light, because she was having a bad day. This has really worked!"


Denver, Colorado

"There was this screaming baby behind me, but I just smiled at the adventure."

"Do you remember when you cleared our Habit of Anger? Well, this week I took my wife out to our favorite restaurant and they lost our reservation. Then they sat us at that little table by the kitchen and 5 minutes later, a young couple sat down with a screaming baby, but you know what, I just smiled at the adventure! Usually I’d be calling the manager to complain, but I was just happy we had a table and that that young couple got a night out. My habit of anger is gone!”


Chicago, Illinois

Step 2 'A' – Activate the Positive

"This is where we install empowering Emotions, Beliefs and Habits FOR YOU as you start ‘coming from’ a you that LOVE"

Now that we have the negative cleared out (and we will continue to pull back the layers and clear those deeper over the weeks), we're ready to install the positive. With our process, we actually do these at the same time - clear the negative AND install the positive so that you experience the transformation in double time!

You'll be amazed at how effortless your communication becomes as you stop self-sabotaging and speak from your heart. It just all unfolds once we peel back the layers to reveal the real you.

We'll install empowering EMOTIONS in 10 Areas, like:

    • Anger - So you can rise above conflict and frustration and react out of love and connection instead of the heat of anger.
    • Love - So you can fully embrace yourself and others with love, kindness and acceptance.
    • Sorrow - So you can move thru stress and grief quickly, without getting stuck and find joy again.
    • Joy - So you can feel the delight and satisfaction and live into their joy fully.
    • Worry - So you can rise above anxiety and see more options around you and step confidently into your choices.
    • Enjoyment - So you can embrace your passion and playfulness again.
    • Fear - So your panic or fears (of failure, success, flying, spiders, etc) become the healthy flags for survival and no longer steal your power.
    • Trust - So you can be clear on who to trust again to call on for support.
    • Forgiveness - So you can leave the past behind and move joyfully into your future.
    • Advanced Emotional Skills - So you can respond appropriately to challenging situations.

We'll install empowering BELIEFS in 7 Areas:

    • Relationship - ‘I feel completely loved and supported and I completely love and support them’ - Imagine your significant other lighting up when you walk into the room. Remember those days? Wouldn’t it be great to have them again?
    • Health - ‘I am full of vibrant health and energy’ - Imagine looking in the mirror and loving your body and how it supports your active lifestyle.
    • Abundance - ‘Money flows from limitless sources’ - How would it feel for opportunities to fall into your lap instead of you having to beat the bushes day after day.
    • Success - ‘I know what I want, I see it and I get it’ - Imagine you’ve just accomplished your BHAG – your big harry goal, and you look back and realize that not only did it happen faster than you imagined, but it was easy to know exactly what you wanted and joyfully take the steps you needed to get it.
    • Business - ‘I am 100% effective in all I say and do’ - Imagine picking up the phone Monday morning and flying your to do list with grace and ease and ending the day satisfied and ready to kick back with your loved ones. Wouldn’t that feel great? Work & play without work hanging over you?
    • Self-View - ‘I respect myself 100%’ - Imagine actually putting yourself on your favorite persons list.
    • World-View - ‘I live in an abundant universe’ - Imagine, one day you realize that you've been scooping up abundance with a teaspoon and all along, you've been hip deep in water. Would you laugh out loud and swim in that abundance?

And we’ll install all that FOR YOU in the background. Yes it can be easy as that!

"She SMILES when I enter the room!"

"I took my wife to dinner Monday night. She had a tough day. And since I’ve become more aware and empathetic, I noticed and asked her out. She accepted. At the end of dinner, with little preface or framing, I asked:

Have you noticed anything different about me? Her answer surprised me. She enthusiastically shared a list noticeable changes:“You’re happier” “Less stressed” “Easier to work with/be around”“You’ve been voluntarily taking on a lot of little home improvement projects” “You actually bought flowers for Valentine’s Day” “I was floored.”“I feel better (not apprehensive) when you enter the room.”

Apparently there’s been more to this New Game than sleeping better, having a great vacation and predicting basketball results. Not that there’s anything wrong with those."


Chicago, USA

"I was with a guy 20 years. I can even say now, bless him, let him go on his way. It’s amazing."

"I was with a guy for a good 20 years or I knew him for 20 years and we decided to part ways. I was very hurt over it. I was feeling a lot of hurt when I came to the first meeting. Since then, I just don’t feel any of that emotion, that pull toward him is all gone. It’s amazing. I don’t even feel bad, no emotions. I can even say now, bless him, let him go on his way. It’s amazing."


Littleton, Colorado

Step 3 'M' – Maximize Your Consciousness

"This is the step that everyone else misses because they don’t know how to do it, but it is one of the linchpins to BreakThru Impact!"

Ah, now we've gotten to the "secret sauce." This is what sets our 'Success Upgrade' apart from all the rest. Knowing how to Raise Consciousness. Everyone else skips this because they don’t know what to do with it. They know that we need this change, so they try to help you ‘act it till you get it,’ but that works for 1 in 10,000.

It used to take a lifetime of meditation to raise just a few points, but now we can raise you hundreds of points in weeks without you having to sit for hours a day.

We'll also Raise Your Consciousness:

    • Raise you to ‘Awakened’ in the Eastern sense
    • Raise you to over 700 consciousness on the Hawkins scale
    • So you can have the energy, motivation, focus and clarity that comes from heightened awareness.

And we’ll Raise Your Conscious for you in the background and show you how easy it can be.

"Even after only three hours of sleep last night. I gave the best speech of my career. Not because it was perfect, but because I connected in an amazing way."

"Early on, I feel like there was a veil that was lifted. A veil of confusion or overwhelm or fear. And that was lifted very early, which allowed me to keep moving forward even though I was in my busiest time of the year. And one of the most intense weeks I’ve had, as far as business goes. I don’t usually do that with five new keynotes in three days in three cities. Not just new material: new content, new speech, new Powerpoint, new marketing things. Really jumping out of my comfort zone. And I feel like I was really supported here. Even after only three hours of sleep last night. I gave the best speech of my career. Not because it was perfect, but because I connected in an amazing way."

Diane Sieg, CSP

Denver, Colorado

"The connecting with people at an even deeper and soul level has been amazing!"

The calm, the lightness, the focus, the non-reaction to pressure, the creativity and ability to clearly see and do what needs to be done, the connecting with people at an even deeper and soul level has been amazing."


Virginia, USA

Step 4 'E' – Enhance the Top 5 Success Factors

"If you miss even one of these, that could be the reason you get stuck time and time again."

The 5 Factors are the secret ‘inner game’ of high performers and our benchmark for where you want to be, but if you don’t have ALL the factors, you’ll get stuck and that could be your problem. These are the factors of World Shapers and Game Changers like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh, and Oprah.

After all, you have some success but you see your colleague and they aren't any smarter than you, their clients aren't any better than yours, but they are kicking butt while you are getting by. Why is that? Likely their 5 Factors are tuned to a higher level than yours giving them an unfair advantage.

We’ll install that BreakThru Level into your inner game FOR YOU so that you too can enjoy that unfair advantage.

We'll also Balance Your Top 5 Factors to BreakThru Levels:

    • Fear of Failure - World Average 52% - BreakThru 25% or less
    • Anger - World Average 32% - BreakThru 20% or less
    • Caring - World Average 85% - BreakThru 95% or more
    • Level of Consciousness - World Average 305 - BreakThru 710+ (see Step3)
    • Fear of Rejection - World Average 65% - BreakThru 25% or less
    • So you stop leaking energy and focus your full power into your mission, business and relationships.

And we’ll balance Your Top 7 Factors to BreakThru Levels so you can stop beating your head against that ceiling and start changing the world.

"I have a true awareness of my role and power, and the ability to focus it as never before."

"Working with Ed & Liz to accelerate the vision of my business has been amazing! From the time we started, things accelerated like a Tesla Roadster on a velvet highway. I have a true awareness of my role and power, and the ability to focus it as never before. This has taken my creativity through-the-roof and my true mission is unfolding before my eyes. My revenues are up as I’d expect them to be. But what’s more, I’m having the time of my life! Thanks guys"

M. Gilbert

San Diego, California

"I have so much energy and excitement!"

"I was 2 years from retirement and had 10 projects I couldn’t choose between. They all looked fun. they all could change the world, but once you cleared me and I got clear on who I AM, I chose my project the next day and started assembling a team to make it happen that week! Now I’m a year from retirement and already rocking out and changing the world. I have so much energy and excitement!"


Jacksonville, Florida

So now you may be wondering, "Ed, how EXACTLY are you going to..."

    • Get rid of the Baggage
    • Activate the Positive
    • Maximize my Consciousness
    • Elevate my Top 5 Success Factors to BreakThru Levels
    • ...All without me hemorrhaging time and productivity that I can enjoy the kind of consistent results and ability to get out there and make a difference that you and your clients have?''

Valid question!

Here's our answer...

We've designed this 12 week system to go much deeper than one of those "do-it-yourself" transformation products that gets you all excited and then leaves you alone to struggle your way through finding the time and the focus to get going. Sorry, we care too much to do that to you.

We’re going to hold your hand all the way through this one. It's not okay with us for you to do anything but maximize your business and your ability to serve from your investment here.

Here's are the SPECIFICS of how we're going to do this:

You'll be sent an invitation to join our exclusive membership portal. There you'll find the welcome and we’ll drip each module to your every 7 days. in a clear, easy-to-follow format.

You’ll have a link to your beginning survey so we can benchmark where you are now. Takes 2-5 minutes and you’ll get another one at the end so we can see who you’ve become.

Each week you'll have a 5-10 minute video to watch to orient you for the week.

The only catch? You really need to do watch the videos to know what changes to look for in your life (otherwise you may feel out of the loop).

Meanwhile...WE’LL be clearing that huge list of emotions and beliefs and raising your consciousness FOR YOU.

3 Great Bonuses!

But that's not all. Our goal is to give you everything you need to get on the road to getting off the rollercoaster in 12 weeks. So that's why we've also included these very special bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Energy Measurement 101

Now that you have a clear connection to your Higher Self, you are going to want to ask important questions and hear the answers clearly. We'll teach you several energy measurement methods so you can better understand what your Higher Self is telling you and get its assistance in achieving your goals on the fastest path without constant second guessing yourself. Sounds hard? It isn't and we'll show you multiple methods so you can pick the one that works the best for you.

Bonus #2 – Instant Upgrade & Live Online Training

One of our big secrets to success is that we pay attention to our clients and what they need. And after we get you cleared one of the biggest questions we get is, Can I do this for myself too? And that’s why we’re going to give you our Instant Upgrade(tm) process as a huge bonus.

Our Instant Upgrade(tm) process in 2 minutes effortlessly reprograms your brain to clear your limiting beliefs and more for all time so you can achieve success with everything you do. It's the very process that we use to clear YOU and now that you have all the baggage out of the way, you can direct your Higher Self to clear emotions, beliefs, habits and more FOR YOU Directly.

This is the Power to Reprogram Directly the Invisible “Anchor Programming(tm)” that holds 99% of people back so you can quickly break through the cash flow and productivity programming holding you back from achieving greater financial success, impact and freedom.

First we'll give your communication with your Higher Self clear and then, in Week 4, we'll give you a short 18 minute video on how to use the 'Instant Upgrade' and then we'll have a LIVE Online Training and Q&A to make sure you understand the simple process and answer any questions you have live. And if you can't make it live, just email us your questions and you can see your answers in the replay!

So you need to decide for your transformation and act now!

Bonus #3 – VIP Live Calls & Community Support

1st and 3rd Thursday LIVE Q&A Calls with Ed -

You'll have questions that come up! Ask your questions and get answers from Ed and Liz LIVE. We often take requests for clearings on the call and clear them on the spot for everyone too!

VIP Community -

We actually learn and grow better and faster in community, right? So we’ve set up an exclusive VIP group for you. Share your wins with each other!Ask your questions! Not only are we both checking in on the group daily, but we’ve got some pretty pretty savvy Gamers and LifeStylers (Gamers who have stuck around beyond the 'Success Upgrade' and some of them have been with us over a year). And we’re all there to share our experience and answer your questions. Come join us in the community as we Grow Together and share our New Games.


Our Life’s New Game 'Success Upgrade' System that includes:

Access to the online portal with all the videos, training and more...

    • Bonus #1            Energy Measurement 101
    • Bonus #2             'Instant Upgrade' Process & Live Online Training
    • Bonus #3             VIP Live Calls & Community Support

So now you're probably wondering, "What's this going to cost me?"

As you've come to expect from us, we’re not going to start comparing the price to cups of Starbucks coffee or trips to Europe. You already know it's a good deal and when you apply what you learn, you'll EASILY see return on your investment.

You're going to transform your inner game AND get your levels optimized FOR YOU. What is that worth to you?

This is more than you transforming yourself, it’s about making that world-wide impact with your mission, having the influence to make a difference, to your family, your community and reaching out to the wider world. What is it costing you to not get your mission, your voice out there making a difference?

Another way to look at it is, what's the cost to you to NOT accept our offer to finally step into your greatness so you can finally bring your gift to the word, connect with your family at a deep level again and attract clients you love to work with... aside from missed opportunities.

We’re sure you can add up very quickly the opportunities you've been stepping over because you weren’t clear enough to see them, the clients you didn't get the opportunity to serve when you know they needed you and of course, that persistent restless yearning to contribute your gifts in a bigger way. Not to mention that you have the 2 minute Instant Upgrade process you can rely on to set you free from anything holding you back.

Here's the great news...

"I have a true awareness of my role and power, and the ability to focus it as never before."

We’re confident that you will be thrilled with the Life’s New Game 'Success Upgrade.' We also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a life-transforming experience, AND you'll begin to experience that transformation very quickly.

Just to back that up, we'll give you 30 days to live with the work and REALLY decide if it's for you ... in your heart. If you decide it's not for you, if you aren't already receiving value, just let us know and get a full refund, no reason needed.

Ready to reserve your spot?

Yes Ed! I'm Ready To Unleash the REAL ME and BreakThru to Success!

I understand I'm going to get the Life’s New Game 12 week 'Success Upgrade' system where you’ll transform my inner game, Get rid of the negative, Activate the empowering positive, Maximize my consciousness, Enhance my Top 5 Success Factors and I’ll gain the confidence that comes with being who I really AM!

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Personalized Custom Clearing!

You'll get to submit your Single Biggest know the one that keeps you up at night...and we'll clear it completely for you over the 6 weeks.

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