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International Leadership Experts & Bestselling Author

HACKING TOTAL SUCCESS: Taking High Performing, Socially Conscious Coaches and Entrepreneurs to their Next Level of Success, Profits and Impact

This is for conscious entrepreneurs and coaches who want to make a difference and a profit while having fun again!

New Breakthru: Stanford Engineer Quantifies the “Top 5 Success Factors” of the founders of Virgin, Facebook, Google, Tesla, Uber and reveals the breakthru tech that installs their Inner Game FOR YOU in 6 weeks. Hint: if you are missing just one of the five, it could be why you are stuck!

Ed Oakley is the founder of Enlightened Leadership, and bestselling author of the book by that name. He as trained over 53,000 leaders in 68 countries and 23 of the Fortune 100 companies in the tools and perspectives Enlightened leadership saving those organization hundreds of millions of dollars. But he could never directly touch the ‘inner game’ of leadership and success...until now!

He currently works with entrepreneurs who transform others, like coaches & speakers, to do the heavy lifting for them to clear what’s holding them back from enjoying the fast track into breakthrough success and profits.

At this event Ed will reveal the quantum process that reprograms your inner game for success for you. No more guessing what Shadow BlocksTM are lurking in your blind spots and keeping you from making a huge impact.


• Reveal the Top 5 Factors that ALL Highly Successful People Share, so you have the roadmap to where you want to be.

• Explain why it no longer takes a lifetime to attain them. Hint: Anchor ProgrammingTM is the secret sauce to lasting change.

• Reprogram 3 major blocks to your success, that even high performers struggle with, for you LIVE!

• Show you how you can Upgrade to business and relationships you love on autopilot!

Isn't time to jumpstart your game to the clients, profits and impact you've been working so hard to achieve? Call to schedule us to speak for your organization today!

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