Meet Ed Oakley

CEO, Enlightened Leadership Solutions

and Life's New Game​

Founder of Enlightened Leadership Solutions(ELS) and co-author of “Enlightened Leadership; Getting to the Heart of Change”and other books, Ed has consulted both domestically and internationally with leaders from 67 countries over the last 30 years.

His books have over 300,000 in circulation. He specialized earlier in project turn-arounds, change efforts, and breakout initiatives. At least 23 of the Fortune 100 have used, and/or are using his work.

Today, Ed has a passion for mentoring those leaders coming out of key corporate​ roles and becoming what he calls 2nd Career Entrepreneurs.

Before forming his own company, Ed was an executive at HP and was noted for starting new roles and demonstrating how to have breakout performance in those roles. He is a master at studying many perspectives and seeing the simple way of integrating them.

Over the last couple of decades, Ed and his team have created products and services such as Enlightened Leadership Influence, Making Managers into Leaders, Leadership Made Simple… etc.

While these programs were all well-received and created breakout performance by people and organizations, Ed always felt there was more to this “leadership development” thing than they and other top leadership development companies were realizing.

Inspired by a recent personal debilitating illness, Ed has broken the code on a whole new way of developing leadership, one that is easy and gets you closer and closer to who you really are – the leaders that is inside you naturally. He developed a unique and breakout way to optimize the effectiveness of leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations. This highly unique process creates major transformation within 12 weeks.

His passion is now Life's New Game for 2nd Career Entrepreneurs, where he mentors leaders coming out of corporate careers who find their entrepreneurial venture more challenging than they expected.

One key point is that this breakthrough work SUPPORTS whatever “leadership or personal development” work you’ve already done. It actually is the key to MAKING THAT EXPENSIVE TRAINING WORK! It’s the missing piece in leadership and personal development. A book is in the works.

Ed currently works with entrepreneurs, and CEOs who want their organizations to be more entrepreneurial, to clear what’s holding them back from new levels of breakthrough performance.


“Working with Life's New Game to accelerate the vision of my business has been amazing! From the time we started, things accelerated like a Tesla Roadster on a velvet highway. I have a true awareness of my role and power, and the ability to focus it as never before. This has taken my creativity through-the-roof and my true mission is unfolding before my eyes. My revenues are up as I’d expect them to be. But what’s more, I’m having the time of my life! Thanks Ed!”


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